Cleaning Products

All our cleaning chemicals are bio-degradable and can be used with minimal harm to the environment. Many of the products are septic safe, meaning they can be used in conjunction with treatment works and septic tanks and cause none of the adverse effects experienced by those using designer chemicals

All products are available in either 400ml spray bottles or 5 Litres containers.

You must know...

All Grease-Trapping equipment requires regular cleaning and checks to ensure that they function properly and carry out job they are designed to accomplish (i.e. removal or F.O.G. that can contaminate drainage systems, pumping stations and treatment plants).

Aluline encourage Staff Training on equipment, supply cleaning kits and provide advice and guidance on staff practices for better Drain Management in Commercial Kitchens.

Authorities and Municipalities are imposing charges and fines on polluters which can be substantial.

Prevention is the Cure