Aluzyme Dosing System

Aluzyme solves the drainage problems caused by grease in commercial kitchen. Drain problems can no longer be solved by pouring harsh caustic chemicals or acids down the drain. This is dangerous for the user and the environment and detrimental to plumping.

Aluline have made great advances in overcoming these barriers by natural means and created the high performance solution Aluzyme liquid and the complementary dosing system.

How it works

This high performance biological liquid is dosed daily into the drainage system. At the end of each working day a pre-determined volume of Aluzyme is automatically dispensed into the drainage system by a timed peristaltic pump (DN5 Automatic Dosing Station).

The innovative microbial technology of the Aluzyme liquid converts grease into carbon dioxide and water.

Aluzyme DN5 Dosing Station


For drainage systems incorporating grease traps and/or pumping stations en-route to a package treatment plant or main sewer.

  • drainage systems
  • grease traps
  • pumping stations

What it does

Aluzyme is able to remove fat and grease deposits because it contains millions of naturally occurring micro-organisms which degrade fats and grease overnight to leave the drainage system flowing and odour free.

It also optimises the performance of treatment plants and enhances the quality of effluent. Consistent treatment with Aluzyme can reduce the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and the Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

Simple Installation

The installation of the Aluzyme DN5 dosing station is simple. All you require is:

Aluzyme Dosing System
  • 5 amp electricla supply
  • small space under kitchen workbench

The Aluzyme DN5 dosing station has a water-resistant enclosure and is ideal for installation in the kitchen. To ensure maximum results we recommend that the unit is connected to the waste pipe after the last discharge point (usually the sink) just ahead of the grease trap. If there is no grease trap the unit should be connected to the waste pipe after the P trap. A simple connector is supplied with the installation kit. Normal use of dishwashing liquids and detergents do not harm Aluzyme but for the optimum performance we recommend that dishwashing machines by-pass the grease trap.

Hot Tips to Maximise Aluzyme Benefits

  • connect dishwasher to bypass grease trap
  • do not allow peelings and food scraps into the drainage system
  • use sink filter
  • proper managed drainage maintenance

Customer Care

The Aluzyme dosign system requires no user maintenance. In addition, Aluline provides a free maintenance service to Aluzyme users. Within two months of installation of an Aluzyme unit a qualified engineer will visit to ensure that the system is operational and working correctly.

Aluzyme levels

Premises using Aluzyme are visited on an ad-hoc basis to check the system. Effective operation is monitored by our customer care department. A free customer staff traning programme is available for users of Aluzyme and Aluline staff are always happy to answer user questions and give advice for optimum system performance.

As a company we care about our customers and the environment. Aluzyme is a biological product certified non-pathogenic. It does not represent any danger to health or hygiene. It is safe for septic systems and safe for the environment.

Secret of Success

Here are the reasons why you should choose to benefit from our experience:

  • unique multi-cultural bacterial liquid which out performs single culture products
  • consistent, reliable performance every time
  • no user maintenance - automatic dosing
  • cost effective - 1 product for many applications
  • free service maintenance, customer care and customer staff training
  • safe to use - safe for the environment
  • proven track record