Kitchen Drainage Guide

Commercial Dishwashers

  • Gravity Fed.
  • Pump fitted if drainage raised.
  • Dishwashers should not drain into Grease Trap.
  • All fittings must be heat resistant.

Steaming Ovens

  • These may require air gap between unit and drainage.
  • Drainage through trap recommended.

Pasta Cookers

  • These require draining and disposal through Trap.


  • Drain requires air gap direct to Gully or container to empty.

Ice Wells

  • These should have air gap or trap fitted.

Floor Channels/Gullies

  • These should have inbuilt traps accessible for cleaning and rodding pipe systems.
  • Gratings could be sized to fit dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Best practice is to fit sealed lid drains which can be opened during cleaning.
  • Reduce quantity of Gullies to minimum required.
  • No kitchen sinks should discharge into floor gullies.

Wash Hand Basins

  • Fit with soap dispenser and separate hand sanitizer.
  • Ensure droplets from hands can not cause contamination.

Floor Cleaning

  • Determine method- Using water hose is not recommended but if fitted must have release tap fitted at end of hose.


  • All appliances draining water must have a suitable water seal trap fitted.

Laundry Machines

  • These should be drained through Lint Separators and be set to use minimal chemical during cleaning.

Soup & Tilting Kettles

  • 500mm x 600mm grating with filter basket and trap.

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Aluline have produced many fact sheets to help provoke interest and discussion on Commercial Drainage in kitchen by Engineers, Architects, Health and Environment Officials, Drainage Authorities, Property Owners, Facilitiy Managers etc