Aluline's experience of surveying, specifying, supplying, installing and maintaining Grease Traps in commercial kitchens, such as hotels is unrivalled. Its our combination of years of experience twinned with technological advances in biotechnology that enable us to produce truly efficient and cost effective managed maintenance systems for drains in commercial kitchens.

We offer a one-stop service for hoteliers, understanding not only your needs but ensuring that the drainage solutions we provide comply with the necessary Drainage Regulations. As part H of the Drainage Regulations, commercial premises which prepare hot food must have a Grease Interceptor Trap fitted within the drainage system. These types of premises create a unique problem for drainage systems, for example many country venues with no mains connections have installed - Treatment Plants/Septic Tanks.

Problems that can occur require management to be aware and confident of how to manage their drainage system. The selection and application of Grease Traps/Separators/Filters which we supply, takes into account the management and maintenance plan for the kitchen. It is important that advice is gathered before specifying, even the smallest and cheapest model. This is because changes in waste regulations and environment legislation will make the disposal of waste a critical task for all professionals, whether through pipes or into landfill bins. The cost of disposal and treatment can only rise and therefore must be budgeted for. Charges or fines for contravening waste regulations can run into thousands of pounds. Therefore "prevention" ( Waste Removal At Source) is a much more cost effective solution.