Aluline Services

Aluline Service Guarantee

Aluline provides after sales service, which benefits from the experience we have gained in over 30 years working in the commercial drainage sector. This service guarantee covers both contractor and customer.

Supplied free for the first year it includes:

  • Initial on-site installation inspection
  • Engineer call outs (Our highly qualified engineers offer nationwide coverage and a very fast response time)
  • Regular on-site monitoring of our installed equipment
  • Comprehensive equipment Guarantee
  • On-site customer's staff training by Aluline engineers

The Aluline Grease Trap Deep Cleaning Programme

Many grease traps are not receiving the correct cleaning attention (essential for optimal biological performance) by kitchen staff and whilst we prefer this task is performed by the persons using the sinks, we wish to offer you this service.

Deep cleaning of all Grease Traps within your company including Grease Traps not supplied by ourselves.

  • 1 off visit for 1st hour on site deep cleaning of grease trap
  • 3 x visits per year for cleaning of grease trap
  • 12 x visits per year cleaning of grease trap

The Deep Clean Incorporates:

  • Removal of Oil and Solids
  • Cleaning of Grease Trap
  • Check and replacement of any defective seals
  • Clean and Sanitize area around Grease Trap
  • Treatment of waste products with ALUZORB and deposited into clients skips in green organic waste bags

Cleaning done to Aluline schedule with minimum disruption to the client.
(Your kitchen staff are responsible to ensure normal everyday maintenance of grease traps).

Drain Shame of Utility Companies

"Changes in legislation governing water and drainage supplies, put the responsibility for maintenance in the hands of utility companies. Previously, Local Authorities had jurisdiction over drains, so if any business reported a problem with the drains they would simply send a specialist team and the bill was paid courtesy of the tax payer"

"Duty of Care ia a responsibility of each of us and governements have levied strict regulation and laws to punish anyone failing to carrry out their responsibilities."

"Aluline supply to customers:

  • In House training
  • Fact Sheets
  • Regulation and COSHH Data Sheets
  • Materials for cleaning
  • Customer Back-up
  • Customer Monitoring Service"